Looking for a designer and writer

Hello I’m Shea I have a great idea to start a story. I’ve seen many love stories and drama that all have different characters but same reference to all. I’ve read stories where sometimes you can’t really choose what you want it’s either one or the other. The story is called salon where we have multiple characters that work in the salon with each have there own life behind the salon. We each gets to choose a path for them. Each have a story to tell. You as the owner you may have to bail your stylish out of jail( just an example of a path). There’s romance, drama, murder, and action. It’s a lot of things going on with the story and I think it’s a good idea to make a series on this. You get to choose who can work at the salon you can play each and every stylist each episode. I would love to make this work if there’s any writer and designer out there to make this happen or see this have potential please contact me thank you.

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Hi! I think that’s an amazing story plot/idea! I am a writer and I could see this story idea definitely happening! If any help is needed, I’d love to help!

Thank you sooo much I just don’t know where to start or how to start. I want this episode to be what everyone is talking about to see different point of views instead of just one.

I am a designer and writer I love the idea I always get stuck on the plott

That’s great I’ll will help the best way I know how.