Looking For a Detailed Reviewer! :))


I’ve been writing on Episode on and off for a a few years. After completing nearly 9 episodes of my story, I stopped for over a year, but now I’m getting back into it slowly.

I’m searching for a free reviewer who ideally has time to read 3 episodes and to share thorough feedback on plot, characters, humor, directing, and more. I really want raw, honest opinions and constructive feedback! Of course, if you read 1 episode, that is also sooo appreciated!!!

Let me know if interested! Then I’ll DM you the story’s link, and we’ll chat from there. :)) If you end up not being able to review all 3 episodes or are currently unsure if you’ll want to continue reading my story after the first episode because it’s not your cup of tea, totally okay!

Title: First One Wins
Genre: Comedy
Description: You are thrown into a competition against to steal a painting. The prize? Inheritance to an multi-billion organization of criminals. The competition? The man you hate–and love.
Small Cover: by @epi.rkhan on Instagram


Or does anyone have any open threads for reviewing they recommend?

If you’re willing to pay, here’s a thread :slightly_smiling_face:


Hey! I can do it just send me the link on ig @riahtalez (if you don’t have ig pm is fine also, just perfer ig) :hugs: :two_hearts:

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Thanks for sharing sweetie :blush:


No problem :smiling_face:

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bump! extra opinions are much appreciated!

Heyy. Could you share the link for me? I can’t find it in app

I’ve messaged you the reading link since it’s an unpublished story. Thank you :heart_hands:

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Still looking for insight