Looking for a Drama Loving Writing Partner!


Im looking for a drama living co writer to help with a story Im writing.
Must be able to set up a shedual to work together at least twice a week.
Must be 16 and up!
Must be able to either write scripts or good at plot development.
Just to make sure you read this write this before you post: Lana Augustine Lets Write!


Hi I’m interested! I’m 21 and I can set up a schedule to work together. I’m new to coding but pretty good at it. I know how to make choices matter, do fight scenes, kissing all that jazz. You can check out a story I’ve done for an example of my work Zartrensa


Ok! Whats going to be the easiet way to reach you?


PM me


I actually don’t know how to… :disappointed_relieved:. So how about we communicate through Instagram: @Lana.Augustine


Hey, I’m Ana.
I’m 17 years old and actually looking for somebody too! I totattly want to co-oparate/write a story with you. I’m pretty good at writing and I have already written some novels (on paper lol), if you want I can DM you on instagram❤


Dm on Instagram @Lana.Augustine


I’m not 16 but if you need help my instagram is serenityofficialepisode. I’m good with plots and I’m decent with scripts, mainly advanced and remembering choices.


Dm me on Instagram @Lana.Augustine


I’m in school rn so I can’t get on instagram dm’s. I’ll be out in a hour in a half though (2pm eastern)


Ok take your time!


i’m back and I dmed you


I’m 17 and love drama. My mind gets inspired by anything. I would love to work with ya! - IG: BoredBabeEpisode


Closing due to one month of inactivity :slight_smile: