Looking for a drawn cover for my story


PM me if interested!


Episode harmony can


Heres my recent art

Untitled69-3 Untitled69-1 Untitled69 Untitled68 Untitled69-2



ok i will message you and i really like the rapunzel style!


ok so could you do the rapunzel style girl with black braid, blue eyes, blush coloured lips, and light skin wearing a greek warrior girl clothes (helmet, breastplate, robe underneath), with an owl on her shoulders. And finally can it have music notes surrounding and words saying “This story uses sound”.
thank you so so much for offering to do this!
love, Jasmine


Sure can you send me screen shot of the charactet



Ok thamk youii


no problem! and thank you! :grin::blush:


I could turn any screenshot into a drawing check out my new website to see my work https://kelzblogsartshop.wixsite.com/website and request my services


Can I have her smilling




also im going to end up changing her outfit, is that going to interfere?


she now looks like this (ignore outfit)


@HeyItsJasmine the_Art_Sisters can help you!