Looking for a episode bestie or friend./ Writing partners for my first story! Fill out the forum! (CLOSED)

I would just like a partner that can give me tip on my story because I am new to this episode story stuff and also it would be nice to have a friend! and if you want to you can follow me on Instagram @episode.halley

Forum: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSe7Hfb4-M3lI6HeMOCW_kp1vAvSLCifhe9iXJbR8pqH_0TkdQ/viewform

After you filled out the forum say you did it!


I’m also new to all this. What do you need exactly?

I just want someone that can help me with little thing and also just want a friend because i am lonely xD.

:thinking:Well I feel lonely too. What’s your story tiltle?

Umm i don’t know if i’m gonna keep it like this title but it’s darkness for right now

This is the bio of the story tell me if you like it or not.

Bio: When an innocent girl get’s kicked out of her parents house.Now she has to face so many thing’s in life Drama, Heartbreak, Lies, and so much more.

Give me an honest answer.

Well. I feel it’s really good for your first story.

Thanks, do you have a story?

Can I message you? My phone is having problems at the moment

Yeah sure on what?

I guess no one want’s to be partners :cry:

Don’t worry you’ll find someone. :heart:


I do but I’m terrible at coding lol

I’m okay with it

:wink: Done

Okay great!

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I filled it! I really want to be your co-writer and friend!

Okay great!