Looking for a fancy back car seat background and an exterior car background

Hello, I was looking if anyone knows or has a fancy car background where my characters can be in the back of a car talking since they have a driver. Also, I’m looking for a fancy exterior car. Thank you.


Are any of these backgrounds anything like you wanted?
(The images are all 3 zone background sizes; 1920 x 1136)


For the exterior of the fancy car, I wasn’t quite sure what car would be concidered as fancy. Would this work?

Hope I helped!

–Invisible Waffle

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OMG! THESE ARE PERFECT! Thank you so much. I truly appreciate you. How can I give you credit when I use them for my backgrounds ? :slight_smile:

It’s no problem at all!
If you want, my instagram is; @invisible_waffle (same as my forums username minus the capitals :joy:)

Happy writing! :tada: