Looking for a fluent Spanish speaker to help translate

I have a character who is flamboyant and is very upset in this scene, so can’t complete his sentences.

The lines in English:

That snake! I knew something was off! It was on the news, I seen…


It’s her! She- it’s your friend! It was her!

I need it to be frantic and I don’t trust google translate lol

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I wouldn’t say I’m fluent, but pretty advanced (someone correct me if I’m wrong)

¡Eso serpiente! ¡Sabía que alguna cosa fue extraña! Era en las noticias, Yo vi…


¡Esta ella! Ella- esta tu amiga! ¡Fue ella!

My seven years of spanish classes are paying off lol

If you need any help in the future lmk!

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Thank you so much! This is so perfect… :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

As someone who’s from Argentina, there are a few noticeable mistakes in that sentence :sob:

For example, ‘Ella- esta tu amiga’ means ‘Her- here your friend’
And ‘eso’ is grammatically incorrect and would have to be replaced with ‘esa’

But im sure its fine since theyre only minor mistakes


Omg thank you haha

As I said I’m not fluent I just take Spanish classes lol :sob:


Spanish translation:
¡Esa serpiente! ¡Sabía que algo estaba mal! Estaba en las noticias, he visto…

¡Es ella! ¡Ella es tu amiga! ¡Era ella!


Thank you everyone! :sob: