Looking for a “forever” artist

Hello! as you can see i’m looking for a “forever” artist. This means you will be doing art for ALL of my covers, any art scene. The only way I can “pay” is by giving credits. If you wanna apply you can say so down below and show me some examples :blush:
Thank you queens and kings :pleading_face::white_heart:
~We all good dont need one anymore!

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The chances are, if you can’t find anyone for just one, you’re not going to find someone “forever,” so your best bet is IG.


IG has a lot of artist who are free or just doing it for practice. They aren’t usually dedicated just for Episode, but they are usually willing to give it a tray.

I do currently have one working on my cover, I just don’t want to ask every time i need art, that’s all

I can do art senes and whatnot but I’m also going to still be doing it for other people too, and I’m free!

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