Looking for a forum relationship


Hello, you may know me from The Bachelor, but I gave it up as it wasn’t going anywhere.
So now I am looking for someone who would be up for a forum relationship, maybe marriage.
:heart: :heart_eyes:

Meet my forum girlfriend

You go man​:clap: :upside_down_face: call me for cakeeeee at your marriage :yum:


@24aya hahaha :upside_down_face:


Ma emoji​:sob::sob:


:upside_down_face: don’t forget to invite me for cakeeeee :drooling_face:


Of course If I find someone


You will🙃


And if you wanna adopt some kids :smirk: I am always here if mama didn’t bake you🙃




I am seeing cakesssss :yum: and you getting married :wink:


you go! I’m sure you’ll find someone!


SHisTer :scream:


Lmfao sorry I thought this was a gurl’s thread

sorry man.


Hope you find someone man


long time no see :shushing_face:



The Bachelor - Forum Edition

Count me in :heart:


Hello, so you are up for a relationship? :smile:


Yup, I was ready when I entered the bachelor :heart_eyes:

(Going on holiday rn so relying on data, might have no service at the site)


That is fine.