Looking for a free artist to make covers

Any idea how can I make my cover?
I’ve seen lots of talented artists, but I am not going to pay them.
Then… does anybody know free artists that I can ask to do my cover?

Thank you for the attention! :blob_hearts:

If you’re looking for drawn art that is 100% precise and is an amazing quality, you’ll most likely have to pay them.

If you’re not too bothered about precision… then you’ll find some newbie artists who are looking to improve their skills and they do this by offering free covers.
Just type “free art” in the part with the magnifying glass on the right hand side of the main menu… and some should pop up.

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Do you know anyone that can do covers for free?
I searched but I couldn’t find anything.

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Thanks I’ll try those

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It’s impossible.
Most of the shops aren’t free and the free shops are already closed.
I am really struggling on finding a free artist.

I’ll just wait that someone magically appears here

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there are a lot of free artists who do great edited covers, but getting a free drawn one is difficult for everyone

I mean it could be edited, I have seen really good edits.
But I can’t find anyone .

Maybe it’s because I am new here.

My requests are closed right now but if you’re deadline isn’t soon I can do it when I open them again :slight_smile: