Looking for a free artist

Hey guys!
I am looking for anyone that’s willing to make art for me, for free (sorry I don’t have the money at the moment to buy any), for an art scene. This is for a limelight episode :slight_smile:
-Celestial Night

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I’d suggest looking through the art shop threads in Art Resources. There are a lot of people that do art for free.

Hey! I could do your art!

That would be amazing! Do you have any examples I could see to get a reference?
Also, what do I need to tell you before hand?

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Here’s my examples!


Here’s the things I need to know for your art:

What is it? Splash? Pfp? Art Scene, Cover etc…
How many characters?
(If it’s a cover, splash, what should it say? Is their a font you want on it?)
Please feel free to ask if you want a change! :blush:
(I do edits!)

Character on (female): Rose 02, arched natural brow (chestnut brown), shoulder braid (platinum white hair), generic female eyes (ice blue), square defined face, round button nose, full round pouty lips (pink peach medium matte)

Rose 03, straight medium eyebrows (jet black), messy undercut (jet black hair), narrow almond deep smiling (ice blue) eyes, chiseled square stubble shaved head, generic male nose, medium heart (Neutral medium nude matte) mouth.
Screen Shot 2020-05-09 at 5.24.34 PM

This is limelight art right?

They are close to kissing, but not (looking at each other)
Her hand could be on his chest like she is about to push him away.

Background: forest (doesn’t have to be clear)

Do you need more information?

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Yes! It’s limelight art also! Is it a cover, art scene? If it’s a cover/splash what do you want it to say?

It’s actually an art scene if you don’t mind making one. :relaxed:

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No, I don’t mind! :blob_hearts:

I’m sorry I don’t think I can do your request anymore, I’m closing my shop and I’m busy. :pleading_face:
But check out those other art shops they do great work!

Don’t worry about it!
I’m sorry you’re so busy, it must be exhausting having a lot of requests for your art. Can you recommend anyone particular for art?

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Yes! Tysm for understanding! I recommend the Aesthetic Art Shop or K’s Art Shop or Rose Art Shop (FREE) (OPEN)
They all do great work!

Do you by any chance have the link to it? For some odd reason I cannot find it :woman_facepalming:

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The Aesthetic Art Shop Link:

K’s Art Shop Link:

Rose’s Art Shop Link:

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Thank you so much!

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Hey beautiful!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I do pfp, art scenes, art intros, art splashes, small covers, large covers, for free!!

If your in need of any of the following arts, please contact my instagram @olivia.stories_

Thank You!!

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Thank you love!
However, I don’t need any anymore.

@Sydney_H can you close this thread please


Closed by OP request. :smiley: