Looking for a Free Cover

Art shops bug out my computer due to the amount of fancy text, so please don’t link one. Help me on here.
If you’re a commissioned artist, I can’t buy so please don’t advertise.

I’m looking for a cover for my new story called “The Sword and the Sorceress”. It’s a modern day spin-off of the tale of King Arthur and Merlin.
If you’re interested, I’ll send details.

I will provide credit as well. (As any decent person would do…)


When would you need it cause I can do it but it probs won’t be completed till around the 5th of sept. Cause I’m busy with catching up on school work :persevere:. My school starts up agian on the 3rd of sept so I’ll be less busy cause will be doing work at school and not at home.

Here are some of my examples plz don’t steal :sparkling_heart:


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Fancy text? I don’t use fancy text or banners :joy:
But I can PM you examples of my edited covers if you need.

Lin’s Custom Poses, Covers, Background/Overlay Edits [FREE] [OPEN]

i can do edited :new_moon_with_face:

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Hey! I would love to make a cover for you! I’m not that good but if you want to send me your deets through pm I can get an outline done!

what kind of cover ur looking for?