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I’m starting a new story and I was thinking of calling it “The head or the heart” I was thinking it could be all about which one do you choose when you are in a certain situation. I was think of starting it like “The head is supposed to be rational but the heart…… that’s a completely different story
So when you are supposed to choose one? How do you choose?
One pumps your blood and tells you how you are feeling and the other one it functions your whole body.
So when you are left to choose, what do you do?
People say listen to both cause the heart can lie, but it tells you when you have strong feelings.”
let me know if you wanna be a co-writer


I’m willing to help you out a bit if you’d like.

Are you good with coding?


How do you do the points system with INK? Using what the player has chosen (not dealing with choosing a love interest)

You could use something like this:

GIRL (talk_flirt)
Hi, it’s nice to meet you.

“Be nice” {

BOY (talk_happy_smile) +2
Such a pleasure to meet you!

} “Be neutral” {

BOY (talk_neutral)
Oh hi.
@BOY +1

} “Be mean” {

BOY -2 (talk_arms_crossed_angry)
Don’t talk to me.

Just replace the names if you’re going to copy and paste :slight_smile:


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So I think I need an editor/proof reader. How would this happen?
I have Instagram if you want to do it that way

I don’t know if you still want me to do this but

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Hi! I have someone that would be able to help you out. They’re not available right now, but you’ll be put on the waiting list.


Their @ is: @lostintranslation

Hope this helped!


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You can also check out @lostintranslation
They’re great at editing. You’ve been placed on the waiting list because of the number of orders we have right now.


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