Looking for a friend and co-author for a short story

So I really need a friend and a co-author for a short story (have some ideas) but I dont how does it work. like how there name of two episode account in some stories authors? do you guys get that?


What’s the story about?

I have more that 10 ideas to brainstorm

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Well I’d love to be your writing partner, I just can’t code

Ok, do you have an episode account and instagram? I need someone for helping with the plot, dialogue and everything except for coding. I will add your name in the authors list
If you are intrested, this is my id @dreamer.in.shadows on IG

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I don’t have ig, sorry, but I have an episode account

I would love to help you…My IG is @aly_.epi…Add me there if you’re interested… :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :wink: