Looking for a full Time-Writing Partner!

:sparkling_heart: Hey! I am currently looking for a writing partner, I am new to episode and could learn anything so I would like someone with tons of experience. I am looking for a FULL time writing partner. As in we write and make this story together. Both Authors working on a story if that makes sense.

What I can do:

Spot Directing
Tappable Overlays
Pannable Overlays
Finding Backgrounds/Overlays
Great Grammar

What I lack in:

Advanced Directing
Making Different Character Personas
More Ideas (I get writer’s block sometime)
Art Scenes
Cover Art

I’m new to Episode (Creator-Wise) And this is my first story I am ACTIVE EVERYDAY
So I would love if you were active or at-least online frequently.

I already have a plot and multiple ideas but feel free to bring on more ideas or inputs and just build the story with me xo.

TIMEZONE: Eastern Daylight Time
INSTAGRAM: @AstroPoison


Hey, I’d love to help.

I am able to code well, draw artscenes (examples are on my instagram, @red_episodiann), and I’m good with overlays.

Yes! I need help with Art Scenes (Limelight).

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If you still need somebody, I can be your writing partner

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Bumpp :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I can help!:blush:

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Hi, do you still need somebody?

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I do!

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Shall I pm you?

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Hey, have you found a partner yet? I’m pretty similar in skill level and I’ve done cover art and a few minigames before. I’m also active everyday and in the same timezone as you!

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I do multiple Partners, I do need cover art!

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if anyone has insta I can make a group there?

I have an insta @leo.episode