Looking for a fun/serious co-writer 🤗🤗

Hi guys!

I’m looking for a serious co-writer!

It’s for the story (LL) I’m currently working on, I already have a general idea of where I want this story to go. I’m hoping to find someone who can help to build relationships and character development, and being good at writing dialogue would be amazing. You don’t have to code! If you are interested please PM of DM me on insta (epiestherjolene)

I’ll put some information about the story here:
Caelia lives in a small town in Tiberius, called Esterwater, which is definitely not known for its tourism. To Caelia’s surprise she runs into a handsome tourist one day, a Cassian. Tiberius and Cassius have been rivals since the beginning. Caelia can’t help but feel intrigued by the stranger. Against warnings from the entire village, she continues spending time with him and finds herself slowly falling. This is until she sees the news one day, and discovers that he is actually Cassian’s runaway Crown Prince.
I hope this has made some people at least a bit curious. I really don’t expect you to be working with me 24/07 but I do hope to get some commitment, I’d like someone’s help for the entire story (20-25 episodes).

If you still are interested, please message me! I can give you more details on the storyline or show you the first episode so far.

I hope to hear from you!
Love, Esther Jolene


I can help you if you are still accepting help :blush:

That would be great! Do you maybe have an insta or something I could message you on?

I can help write. I can’t code though but I can write.