Looking for a Gang/Mafia story!

Hey guys! I hope someone can help me find this story, its on ink
The story was about a girl who was adopted by a couple that couldn’t have kids, I remember the father was Asian and the mother African American (if that’s important).
Since they couldn’t have kids they were super protective of her and she couldn’t even have a boyfriend
One day she goes to a party or a bar, in that place she gets pregnant by a guy who turns out to be a gang leader and also the brother of the guy she used to like, the leader ends up kidnapping her, he tortures the parents and uses her so his brother doesn’t leave the gang
I swear I had this story in my favorites but I didn’t played for a while so I can’t find it but I really want to know what happened!
Please help me :sob:


I’m not 100% sure, but it sounds like Pregnant by a Killer ( I think that’s what it was called) it’s been a long time since I began reading that, and I didn’t finish it. If it is that one, I think it was removed from the app, but I may be wrong.

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Yes it was that one! I didn’t knew it was removed ):
Thank you anyway :heart:

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woopsie i clicked the wrong reply😅