Looking for a Genuine Writing Partner

Must be active!
I’m looking for someone to write a story with, maybe multiple stories. Must have some experience with the Writer Portal. I am not new to writing, I’m just looking for a co-writer. Equal credit for everything done. We can talk in more detail if chosen. Must have an active instagram. If you are good with art that’s a plus. I have a story idea in mind but am definitely open to new ideas.
Happy Writings!!

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I’m good at art. I do, paintings, anime, and episode. I also have written a story also! I can help.

Can I see some examples of your art??

Whoops, deleted it Idk how… anyways, you saw my post :smile: Just wanted to know what the idea was, I’m pretty active and here’s an art example again

Haha no problem, Do you have an instagram??

Yes I do, it’s @cecehunter.epi :blush:

Oh Nevermind. I don’t think you need me, nor do I have or do I want to get insta. Have a nice day :disappointed_relieved::wink:

~ Rainbow :rainbow:

Hello, Rainbow. Just to remind you that I’ve add you to Hangout in gmail. :slight_smile:

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