Looking for a good scripter

I am struggling with my story and I need alot of help. I am a passionate writer so don’t offer if you won’t be committed, It will also be your story too. You can plot and write the script just let me know when you do. So anyone want to help me complete my story? (as many people can help)

what sort of story are you thinking of?
not sure if I can help you.

Well i’ve always wanted to do a supernatural/romance story

I can help you if you still need it

are you ok with LL or ink style?

Either is fine

are you good with coding?


Do you have an istagram account?

Yeah hold on let me look and see what my account is


if its easier mine is dm0885432 (emily’s stories)

My insta is @katelyn.stories

requested to follow you

Ok same here

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Okay I accepted

Hi if ya still need one I’ve wrote a good few published and unpublished stories And I think I could help. I have an insta acc, I’m a good coder and I would like to help?