Looking for a good story taking place in another time


Can someone please recommend me a good story that takes place in another time period, there’s something about them that just really gets me interested in the story. I don’t mind if it’s the future or past, but the past is preferred. Thanks!


There’s one I’m playing, it’s called ‘Adrenaline’. It’s mostly action and drama and female power.


@RadioactiveRena Eclipsis by Victoria Masina. One of my favorites!


“From 1954” by LPWrites. Technically - most of the story takes place in 2017, but the main character is a girl who was living in 1954 but just travels in time. You should give it a read, it’s really interesting.


Just read all four chapters, I am in love with it… Thankyou!


I’ve read it, it’s one of my favourite’s as well!


Read it a while ago, it’s a really good story.


Yup. There’s a few I’m reading including “Pregnant with the Prince, Living with the Pauper” and “The Ruby Tiara”


You should read The Ruby Tiara. It’s really good!


Thanks, I finished reading it and now I’m hooked!


They’re both incredible. Thankyou!


No probs!


I’d recommend Eclipsis.