Looking for a group of writers interested in writing a story

Like many others, I enjoy writing stories for many to read, BUT I’ve begun to realized after a few chapters into a story, all my characters personality become the same. I’m probably off point here lol

This will be a group of writers interested in playing a character and helping me with a story that i want to work on.

If you are interested please leave a comment below.


The story is about a rich family (Mom, Dad, son, and a set of girl twins. PLUS A BASTARD SON), A lower class that works for the rich family (Mom, Dad, and daughter)

rich son A finds himself falling for the low class daughter (but doesn’t realize it). the Bastard son moves in and the family despise him but the father. so the B son meets the lower class daughter and falls inlove with her.

This story is a dramatic one and i do want to throw some humor into it.
Again if you are interested, leave a comment below.

Thank you


I can give u ideas if u want

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I’m interested. The summary could use a little work but I feel like this is a solid idea!

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:sweat_smile: I had lost my copy of the summary so I was going off of memory

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Oh lol. I still think it sounds like a really good idea and I’d love to help!

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I’m interested baby!!! If you want me to help that is…

interesting :yellow_heart:

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