Looking for a gym background and some overlays with it!


Hi, I am working on a episode etory and need a gym type background and like a punching bad overlay. If anyone has a good one can they please send it to me?


i find this images on google, i resize them, if you still need :v:t2:



i cant see it!


try this one: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1SI9rt4jjySVRajw-rbP3nxW8CshAk8zR?usp=sharing


Yay it works now!


Hi! I’d like to use these too. I read, you found these from google. But should I credit you still? :slight_smile: If yes, then what name? :slight_smile:



No need to credit me, i think ('im no sure) you can credit google, or this website: http://wallsdesk.com/gym-50350/gym-background/