Looking for a kitchen diner

Hi all, I was wondering if anyone has made or seen any kitchen diner or kitchenette type BGs and OLs :thinking: I am looking for something that will sort of match up with the INT. MOD APARTMENT BGs off the art catalogue. Or if anyone knows of any apps or sites I can create (attempt to at least haha) to create my own, I would be grateful for any pointers :slightly_smiling_face:

Maybe something from @amepisode ’s collection would work for you?!

There’s loads in here: Kitchens - Google Drive

You just have to credit her Instagram [which is the same as her username above] somewhere in your story.
You can do that as soon as the background appears by adding a reader message… or at the end of the chapter, in the end credits. :blush:

Thank you​:blush: I got them sorted for the stories I needed one for. I do have a few other story ideas that will need kitchens. I save all BGs and OLs to a file of each creator using their prefered name for credit, that way when I use them I can add the correct names in the reader message and not forget it :sunglasses:

OMG, I do the exact same thing! I also upload them to the portal using the creators username so that I know who to credit. :joy::rofl:

I usually just add bits of their username to the title though, as a reminder. Like for @/amepisode’s creations, I use: “AME” or “AMEP” somewhere in the title.

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Yep I do that with that but add the full name :sweat_smile:

I can never be bothered to add the whole thing… otherwise it’d take way too long just input the background and overlay names, whilst uploading them.

:sweat_smile: I like to make things awkward and I would 100% forget the name if I only used a bit of it :dizzy_face::rofl: