Looking for a mentor?

Hey guys! :wave:

I’m looking for an author to assist me in learning. I’ve been watching some vids, reading the guides, but, I want to do great things… at some point in time… :relaxed:

I’m still learning the basics, but I do learn quickly, and I want to be able to bounce ideas and ask questions on things when I have them.

Obviously I wouldn’t expect you to be at my back and call… LOL but… just someone that I can send a msg to on say Insta or something and say “Hey… I have this idea… how do you think I could do this… like this? or like this?” or bounce some code errors off of them or something. I’ve never had a writing mentor before… I dunno how it exactly works. :woman_shrugging:


Hello! I am interested in helping you however I may not be this amazing coder you may be expecting but I can definitely do advanced coding and I can make the story really cool if I put my mind to it, my biggest problem is that I’m useless at story writing so if you have an idea I would be so happy to help you code the story

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I’ve got a really great idea for a thriller/romance story. I’ve got a general outline written, and I’m working on more of a “script” for it now. I think doing that and trying to learn how to code is what’s holding it up. I’ve had the idea for a while, but I’ve been to nervous to try and learn the coding. LOL

Oooooh that sounds really cool actually, I envy you as I am hopeless at making my own stories and plots and my advice for the coding is to keep learning new things with it and don’t be afraid to try more challenging things with it because it will get easier

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Thanks so much! I work a full time job, we’re remodeling our house, PLUS I’m training my Pit Bull puppy… so why not add another thing that will consume ALL of my time? Right?? :joy:

I’ve always loved to write and when I was in school I wrote personalized Christmas stories for elementary aged kids. :slight_smile:

Oh mi gosh tell me about it!!! And episode takes forever well that’s from my experience I’m pretty slow and I’m probably going to fail all my GCSEs as a result of putting more work into episode than my studies but oh well.

That inspires me so much about writing, I love to do it but I’m pretty hopeless at it

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:joy: if u still need a mentor I’d gladly be able to help u coz I’m like really good with overlays and animating and all that stuff as well as advanced coding and I’m still learning. I’m not as good as the author Kayla Who wrote War dogs but I’m trying. :joy: hmu thru the PMs since I have the desktop version of Instagram :squid:

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