Looking for a moderator/ co-owner💕 Closed already found one weeks ago

Hi, so I’m looking to hire someone to help me moderate my art shop/request thread: RandomWriter's Art Shop! ✨ ( Drawn and Edited; Custom Poses, Pfps, Edits, Art scenes, Covers, Overlays, Limb Overlays, Splashes, Outfits, Characters, Moodboards, and more!) Open! Serves INK, LL, or CLASSIC (FREE)
This person would help control my shop if I ever get suspended or leave the forums for a while. They will also help ensure that everyone follows the rules and is kind to each other. If your interested pm me and we’ll go over the details.


Hey sweetie I’m co-owner of Episode Cosmos
I would like to be a moderator here if you are still searching for it
Dm me if you are interested sweetie