Looking for a motivated and dedicated writing partnet/friend

Hey! My name is Fammes and last year I decided to make my own stories on Episode. I haven’t published anything yet, because I can’t get it done. I need more than only myself to finish my story. I need more then my own opninion and I also need someone who can knows how to make a script (I am an advanced coder but still) and can write correct English. My story is about a female who grows up in the maffia world. And soon she will take over the maffia. She is one of the first woman to take over a maffia family. I will not go further in detail to keep it a mystery…

Anyway, if you are interested don’t be shy and message me on IG.

IG: Writer_epi


i can help i already texted you on instagram

Hello! My name is Fammes and I am looking for a committed partner who is good at coding and know how to speak/write English correct. The theme is Maffia and the genre is Romance/drama. I have already planned the story out but every idea is welcome! I’m not only looking for a writing partner but also for a friend! Someone who is as passionated as me about episode.

My IG is Writer_Epi

You can connect me futher there.

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Do you have a story idea yet or are you willing to come up with ideas together?