Looking for a name of music in episode portal

Hello. Does anyone can help me find the name of this one song???
I tried to find it in episode portal. I cant find it!
I can send you a vid of the song in insta
My username is: midnightdaysss

Thanks. I hope someone can help.

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Sent you a message! I’d love to help.

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A reminder- The more people who can help would be nice. I appreciate it!

I could try and help :sweat_smile:

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If you add a video of the song here, more people would be willing to help.

I did try to post the vid here but it said this…

What does the song sound like?

i think… shortmusic_sadgoodbye
it sound similar with the one i’m looking for

DM the video on IG dara.amarie.ep

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Recognized it immediately lol, it’s the same sound I use for my opening in my story.

The sound name is tragedy_strikes_loop

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omg AAA finally! Thank you so much for your help :sob::heart:

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You’re welcome!

this thread is over, its free to close. Thanks again to the people who tried to help! :smiley:

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