Looking for a new Cover for my story! (STILL LOOKING)

Font: Any please!
Text color: White
Background: football field
Episode name and placement: Livia (bottom corner)
Placement of the Guys: No specific placement!


I did smth


But I messed it up


Ready for your eyes to bleed?


That’s actually really good!

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Aww thx love :blush:

Yes, I’ll credit you if I decide to use your cover! Tysm for your time <33

No problem :two_hearts::grin:

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Thankyou so much! Its really nice! I’ll credit you if I end up picking yours ^v^

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Oh wow, that looks epic :heart_eyes:
:clap: :clap: :clap: I wish I could give you a medal, friend, you always do so much for others, YOU ARE AWESOME OK :clap: :clap: :clap: :1st_place_medal:


Gonna enter!


Just had some fun editing the characters and more. Hope you like it! :relieved::call_me_hand:t4: It’s kinda weird and gross tbh.

App: Ibis, Procreate, Phonto
Time: 42 mins
Device: Phone
What I added: Shading for body and hair, hearts, blurred background, title and author name, a “special” quote - inspiration was the description.

If you use this, credit me: @prashansaravi or @prashansa60.episode on IG. :heart::pleading_face:

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Decided to join.

You can have the overlay if you want.


I made you a cover i hope you like it. Don’t worry nothing is copyright so it is safe to use. :smile:

Here is the cover for the top option

And i also converted land scape for you. here you go

If you use this you don’t need to give me credit i don’t mined. :blush:


Can you tell us when you pick a cover and witch one you pick i wold really like to know, im just curious! :laughing:

Of course!

Thanks! Looks great!

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Thankyou! I’ll let you know if I decide to use yours!

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Thank you! :relieved: