Looking for a new template


Does someone knows ho to do it? I have read a story and there were character custumisations for the MC but you could shoose to to be your own episode avatar in just one click.
It is amazing, if someone knows it please share it.



ps @Apes our @Dara.Amarie maybe


@CHARACTER becomes female profile
@CHARACTER becomes male profile


that’s it??? so simple


There has to be a little script with it how does the story knows who is reading it. There is nothing happening when i put that in to test, but my script asks Who the characters is so there is the randomizer coming? x


you need to put your characters name in the blank

@PAIGE becomes female profile

just an example of a name from a story ^


i just dont get it x


Put your character’s name in the blank spot so replace @CHARACTER with your main character’s name.

@CHARACTER becomes female profile
@TRILLY becomes female profile

I used @TRILLY as an example, she’s my main character. Just replace it with your character’s name.


yes but in that story you could first choose your name and then that characterisation option??? x


Do you mean something like this:

@YOU becomes female profile or YOU

@YOU changes into YOU_default

@YOU enters from left to screen center

@YOU starts think

What’s your name?

input What is your name? | What is your name? | Done (NAME)

YOU (talk_greet_neutral)
Nice to meet you, I’m [NAME].

This is just an example by the way ^^


yes something like that but then with the choise of making there MC the same as their episode avatar.
It was it the story the dissapearance of …the thriller x


It’s just one line of code. All you need to write is:

That’s all : )

You can even check out this:


thank you xxx