Looking for a nice person to review my story

I published my story like 1 hour ago :joy: and I need feedbacks. Can someone do it for me?? Thank you :grin:

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1 hour , gurl I got you,
I just need a charged phone :joy::joy::joy:
I’ll check it out .

Haha tysm :hugs:

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Here’s my screenshots, I WILL READ YOUR STORY, IT IS TOO GOOD TO IGNORE !!! Oooooooohhhhhhh I smell trouble, the sarcasm level in this story is 96491640372846291%, I mean wow, and I need to learn some of those directing tips, my stories are plain old plain. Charlie is fineeeeeeee​:fire::fire::joy::joy::joy::fire::fire:, I :green_heart::yellow_heart::purple_heart::blue_heart: the arts, the splashes , your intro is so cool. I couldn’t wait to give my feedback so far, gurl I love your story and can’t wait 4 more . #Number1Fan , #CharlieJenkins lmfao, just too happy right now, I’m dying from laughter.

Gonna read chap 3 soon.

The I think someone just died caz of me part was hilarious.
“What is this sexiness ?”

Too good chica, too good :joy::joy::joy:
That’s the screenshot of the chapters read, tomarrow I’ll start Forbiddend Love, I have a similar story except, the gurl is a gang leaders daughter, this is from the summary or plot though.

Can’t wait for more .

OMG THIS REVIEW IS SO AMAZING :sob::cry::sob::cry: GLAD YOU LIKED MY STORY MEKDKDLDMD and hahaha thanks for telling me your favorite moments and sending me screenshots :slight_smile:

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Those were just some favorite, basically the whole chapters were my favorite :blue_heart::blue_heart: I see this story going big, and I’ll be here to support. There is no sugar coating, I actually love it. Some people are more criticizing, and will literally tell you,fix this fix that, I’m not, its just opinionated. I really see nothing that needs fixing, grammar and spelling :+1::+1::+1:, character placement​:+1::+1::+1:, overlays , etc :+1::+1::+1:, and I need some of your tips on directing dayummm yours are good .

AWW YOU MADE ME SO HAPPY :smiley::smiley: and ofc I can give you directing helps! PM me if you want to ask one :slight_smile:

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Ok, thx

I’ll give it a read :blush:

Ty please let me know your thoughts after you read it

I loved it!
Evelyn’s attitude is so hard on the outside, but seeing that she stood with Charlie the whole night really shows that deep down she’s caring, I can’t wait to see how the rest of this turns out!:blush: