Looking for a nice pfp! (description included)

HEy fam!!! :sneezing_face: :black_heart: I’m looking for a decent pfp. If anyone could do it that would be fantabulous. :kissing_heart:

This is my character:

Skin color: light
Brow: defined natural
Hair: beach waves/ fawn
Eyes: upturned feline/ brown
Face: round
Nose: upturned
Lips: full round/blush

Description: I’d like the pfp to be mainly her upper body and I want her to be doing the winky face :wink: :black_heart: I want the background to be this (if possible):
(^^Lil peep fans know :confounded::black_heart::hatching_chick:)


I can try :smiley::sweat_smile:

I have a spot in my art shop open :blush:

Feel free to look at my examples there or on Instagram @epsd.leslie or @editsbyleslie04

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If you still are looking for someone to do lt I can :grin:


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It’d be great if you could do it. If you still want to.

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Sure just fill out the form on my thread

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