Looking for a nice WRITING PARTNER


Hello Episodians!
I’m actually looking for an active writing partner with who I’m going to create a new story. Which kind of story and how it is supposed to be is still unsure - but that’s why I want a writing partner! So please feel free to write down below your instagram account names so I can follow you and we get to talk!

Have a nice day!




I’m good at cover and splash and spot directing


IG Name?


Episodegirl just made it yesterday


I mean Episodegirl10


I would love to join you


IG name?


Hi, if you are still looking for some people I’m definitley interested. I’ve had story ideas if you still aren’t sure about what to write about. My IG is aubs.episode
just let me know! thanks :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


If you still need help you can dm me! @mendes.ft.holland


Hi! If you still looking for someone @episode.girl99 Feel free to send me a message :slight_smile:


Searching for a writing partner?

Visit here: https://episodewritingpartner.weebly.com/