Looking for a Partner! ( a writing partner lmao)

hiiii everyone! i just recently got back into writing my story but as i was writing, i realized that i have so many ideas and stories i want to write, but coding isnt my strongest ability and it’s hard for me to execute my ideas sometimes bc there’s so many :sweat_smile: , i would love to find a writing partner where we can both share our ideas and work together! let me know if any of you are interested! thank you guys! :white_heart:


I would love to become your writing partner! I wrote many short stories to learn how to code, add CC, choices, dressing options, and different templates!

However, I cant do point systems. Everything else should be fine so if you decide to have me as a writing partner feel free to private message or dm me on Instagram @Sunnytheauthor


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Hii can I get a writing partner too I know the story just need help in coding please someone help… :sweat_smile: AND I DON’T HAVE INSTA :grimacing: SO IF SOMEBODY CAN HELP ME THROUGH SNAPCHAT IT WOULD BE GREAT TOO :smiley: