Looking for a partner! Come on, you know want to! (;

Hey guys! I’m Nichole! I am looking for a partner, I am wanting to do a fantasy story, I am looking for someone experienced so we can have good scenes and special affects, I am still jotting down ideas for the story but you can defiantly help me with ideas and the final call! Must know good grammar, and know how to get into good detail for the story. Let me know! This will be my first story but I do know the rounds on making a story, I’ve tried multiples times, almost get it published than back out! ughh! Let me know thanks! (:

Hi can i help

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You can message me, and I can see If your a right fit! (:

Ok I messaged you

I have some ideas, I’d love to help out.

I’m actually looking for a partner as well! I’ve written two episodes for the “Fantastical” contest, but I would like to put more effort into another story first, therefore I’m looking for someone to help me write my fantasy story.

Hi I could help you if you wanted.

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