Looking for a partner for a lgbt+ story im thinking of

I already have a story working on and i just recently got back to finishing some of them episode as i want to finish the first three then publish it but i already have an idea for another and my hands r kinda tied. I would love to work with others and try to interpret ideas in the story but right now I am thinking the protag is actually the rival of the love story. Might sound confusing but give it a moment. In most romance stories there’s most of the time bitch blonde rivals that try to fuck the innocent protag over. I have read a few mangas regarding of being reincarnated as the rival in otome games and they got me so hooked! not sure if there’s been a story where the protag is the rival, nonethless actually /trying/ to pair the actual protag with their fated person but in this case i want the rival to be in love with the protag! either the protag be a girl or a boy, or if their romantic interest is same or opposite sex, but i do want the rival to be the stereotypical blonde betch. If anyone isn’t really interested in becoming a partner with me, that’s fine! I can also take criticism just from the comments and i just slowly work on it :grin:

edit: another thing is that the blonde won’t be dumb, no, she is incredibly smart and is actually nice because i want her to be aware that she is meant to be the “rival” like in most shows/books/etc. and she actively tries to help the “protag” with their “love interest” but snooze they actually fall in love with each other!

Sounds cool :3 What types of partners are you looking for (ex: directing, writing, choosing outfits, cover art, editor, and proof reader) because if you need a directing partner, I unfortunately can’t help because I’m shit at directing XD