Looking for a partner for newly published story

Hi guys!
Few days ago I published my fourth story RETURNS,
I’m currently working on season 2 with additional art work (every chapter in my story has it’s own cover done by my friend, and now we’re working on art scenes for season 2).
I worked quite hard on first season and I’m looking for some team who can help me with some tips on season 2 - and probably 3.
msg me if interested :wink:

Hi, i’m keen to help could you tell me more about your story

My story is about 26yo girl named Oriana, who we first meet when she came back home. Small town in minnesota. She is saying herself that she is there for a reason, during first few chapters she is meeting new people, see some old friends that she haven’t been in touch with for years, and slowly during chapters we’re learning why. And all her reasons, not really clear for everyone or logical for everyone, are explained.
She left her home town years ago, her old friends are now strangers, she does have some family issues too, and nothing is really clear in her life, and it all has a purpose. It is a romance, so obviously (and as I remember in chapter 4-5 it’s even said out loud) she is there because of love.
What is going on in season 1 (now complete, but not all published yet) is mostly a story of an adult who isn’t really happy with how her past went, all those friendships and relationships, as she feels- went just simply wrong.
She came back, at first, for a closure, (she have her reasons for it), but nothing ever goes hows planned. But because of how she feels about her past, she is just going with a flow, you can say something like that. In chapter 10 she discovers, or actually being told, that what she thought was going on, wasn’t exactly how it actually was.
And with chapter 12, end of season 1, with some kind of happy end, there is still a lot to explain. It’s hard to explain what this story is about in simple words, you can say it’s about commitment, it’s about how memories can haunt you, memories about some bad decisions you made, even if you’re happy in the moment. It’s about trying to be honest with those who once were so important, or maybe being honest with yourself, after many years of being scared to admit it. It’s about how hard relationships can be, because it’s not always about those happy moments in life, not always about smiles and laughs, it’s about one main thing, that if you don’t know how to love yourself, you won’t be able to love anyone else, it’s about how hard is to communicate sometimes, even when the person who you try to open up with, is the same person you were talking every day for years. And so, it’s about mistakes from the past which still have massive impact on your reality, even if you’re trying to leave them behind. Or maybe, because you’re trying to do that. Because if you run away once, you’ll always be on the run, and so returns are the most terrifying thing you can do, but you already made up your mind.

Please help me in publishing a story

What u need?

How do I publish my story ?

You have to first write 3 chapters of your stories on https://www.episodeinteractive.com
After writing your 3 chapters, you will be able to publish your story


Do u need any help with codes?

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About the help for your story, I guess I can help. I’m French but I talk English and I love coding so if you want help, I’m here.

Same here. Let me know what u need. Codes or directing.


What do you want then?
Send me a message with more details about your story please

Hey…I completed 3 episode of my story…so how do I publish it?

If you have finished the 3 first chapters, the publish button should be avalable.

I’m writing the story using my phone…I completed 3 episodes

Ah! okay.

You go into the first, the second and the third chapter of your story ;

you click on the button at the top right

Then :

You click on Share your story

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