Looking for a Partner to Work With :)s

Hey I am looking for a writing partner. If you say yes I hope you are…
If you are these things and wanna write a story together my insta is @BeastModeIt25 or if you don’t have insta and still wanna work together just reply to this message (And if you contact me on insta make sure to say you are up for the writing offer)

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Do you need art

Yeah it would be nice for a cover for the story and maybe a few backgrounds but it’s not a necessity at the moment

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If you ever need anything ask me

Okay thank you so much, and are you an episode artist?

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I am interested because i have tried writing a story on my own, but then half of the story is finished and I’m out of inspiration. I do have a few questions:
Do you have an idea what the story is about?
Are you familiar with episode writing/have you ever written a story?
Is English your first language?
How old are you.
If you want me to be your writing partner, please dm me on insta: z.xoe

Nevermind I’ll dm you.

Sorry i can’t find you on instagram. please contact (DM) me on episode.therealzoe