Looking for a perfect digital artist

Hey Guys as I have already said that I am in search of a digital artist for my upcoming story
so, here is the thing if you think that you are qualified for this because if my story got hit than i will start paying for your art
I want art scenes like these I want someone who can make them like these

if you anyone is interested than dm me

I can do a similar style & emulate the quality level.

1funn.tumblr.com/tagged/my+art has some examples, but most digital stuff I have in my portfolio is currently more cartoony

I have 2 commissions in queue atm, but let me know if you’re interested & I can hunt down my commission sheet to give you a quote! :heart:

Can you show me an example of your art like the one i have gave as example

I linked to my art blog in the previous post.

I can hunt down other examples later tonight if you need more examples, though.

I saw them they are amazing but they are cartoony I want something look like real

I don’t have any recent examples, but here’s one from a few years ago:

I don’t have updated pricing for this style, though, so it would depend on specifically what kind of image you wanted.


i want art scenes like these that look real i will give you the details