Looking for a personal LL outfit stylist for my story!

Hello, I’m writing my story (will publish in 2 weeks), so I wonder if someone can be my personal outfit stylist? If you wonder, yes I will credit you if needed (have nothing against it).

I have many characters will a personal style so it will be really fun for a creative person. And of course, you can use your creativity, because usually, the MC will be needed outfits. I will be needing, of course, casual outfits, a party once, swimming, and much more.
I’m a patient person so I won’t be a pain in the ass.

If you are interested, PM me or reply <3


What is you’ve a stylist called classic or limelight that’s I want to know, thank you> 2

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I can help!! I love experimenting with outfits and stuff, so I would LOVE to help!

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Hi 🙋
I’d love to help you.

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I can help!

hey girl! i can help :))

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hi can i please help and how can i help cause im stil kinda new but can i help you please my username is Bhadie_ on episode

i would love to do it i have some samples of my fashion if you would like to see let me know:)

Hello, yes pls, can you PM me?


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I sent it through Instagram

On what platform cause you didn’t see on Instagram

Hey there do you still need outfit help? I love making outfits on episode and am always willing to help out. Here’s a link to my outfit shop if you want examples of my style!

hey, you may find someone in this group for future stories.