Looking for a personal overlay maker

Am looking for overlays maker that could make overlays of my characters just like in war dogs or my Psycho

this should be in the art resources section. there you’lll find more overlay makers than in the directing help & tips section. good luck finding one :two_hearts:

I can do it

How do I do that

Are u sure

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Nvm I figured it out

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Can I see some examples

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Here are these.




Oh wow :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: those are awesome. Can u make ink overlays like of a character

I can for ya

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Can I see sum example .

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I don’t have any on me right now but just tell me what you want specifically and I’ll make the overlay for you


I need an overlay of my character holding my other character in bridal style but she has bruises all over body and his a demon with horns and his eyes are glowing red

Sorry if it’s too much

Hey I was wondering if you are still working on it or did u change your mind

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