Looking for a Pregnancy Test Overlay

Anyone know where I can find a pregnancy test overlay?

Episode does not have one, but I’m sure you can find one somewhere on here. If you can’t find one, I can help you make one.

Can you help me make one then because I can’t seem to find one.


no credit needed

Thank you so much but do you know how to transform the image into an overlay? + without the finger tips?

Sure! I’m not positive if it will be approved because I’ve never used one before, but you shouldn’t have a problem. When you open it, make sure you set it to the size you want before you save it because the original image is kinda big. Let me know if you have any more questions, or if something doesn’t work!

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omg thank you so much! Do you have one with no line & two lines?

Sure, just give me a second to get it together.

When you finish that, can I use it as well and give you credit?

And do you know how to make a mugshot background and a mugshot sign overlay?

Sure, but you don’t need to credit me. Sorry it’s taking me so long, it’s hard to find an image that you are allowed to use.

oh, alright

Here’s a positive one, I’m still looking for an unused one.

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is there a problem if I use it too?

and of course I’ll credit

Of course not! You are welcome to use it

Thanks <3

It’s okay, you don’t have to credit me