Looking for a Proof Reader? :)

Hey there! I recently published my story and saw this thread and I’d love some feedback on it! :slight_smile:
Cover of the Story: Fill_Me_With_Poison_jM_posterThumb_fkSi5M0m1y

Name of the Story: Prophet’s Illusion.

Story Info: The Shadow Age has fallen but Silhouettes still lurk the night. Will the Age Of Shadows be once more after a Prophecy is engraved that determines the future of the human race?

Social Media (If you wish to add it.): @epi.jayda

Chapters you currently have: 4 (Next chapter final)

Style(Ink,Limelight,Classic): INk

Author of the story: Jayda Bish

Side Note: Read as many as you want, I’m really just looking for feedback :slight_smile:


Title: Teacher or Queen,
Author: Mystique
Description: After years of searching she had finally found them. Can she get close to them?
Her destiny is about to change forever. What will she choose - who will she become?
Instagram: @mystique_episode
Chapters: 7 (of course I would be. happy if you could read all of them)
Style: Limelight

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Hi @Jahstoriess ! I’ll be happy to read your story and I’ll give you a review, very soon! :slight_smile:

Ooh, I love the cover! I’ll make sure to read it! :))

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Cover of the Story:

Name of the Story: Search for love

Story Info: Your life turns upside down when you try to escape from a toxic situation! Can you find the love you are looking for trying to escape?

Social Media (If you wish to add it.):
Instagram: @sigma.writes

Chapters you currently have: 14 ( more coming soon)

Style(Ink,Limelight,Classic): Ink

Author of the story: S.writes

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Adding to my list! :slight_smile:

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Hi! I’d be more than happy if you’ll be able to review my story. Thanks!

Cover of the Story:

Name of the Story: Fallen Angel

Story Info: Mal’s world turns upside down on her wedding day. She changes her identity and is forced to confront the future, but also the dark secrets of the past. Will she get out alive?

Social Media (If you wish to add it.): IG: @episode.adyelly

Chapters you currently have: 6 (more coming soon)

Style(Ink,Limelight,Classic): INK

Author of the story: AdyElly

Link to my story:

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Okay! Great :slight_smile:

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Another one in my list! I’ll read it soon! :slight_smile:

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Wow, this story is well directed and beautifully well-planned!

Positives. :arrow_down:

  • This story is amazing, such diversity! Goallllllssssssssssss.
  • The overlays are so amazing and jaw-dropping!
  • Right into the action, that’s awesome!
  • Thank you for the customization! :slight_smile:
  • I love the relationship between Lexi and Dwight, let me start my ship names for them. :laughing:
  • The cover and intro are beautifully well done!
  • I like how you are doing something way different than other stories, well done!
  • Grammar, spelling, and punctuation is perfect and there is no errors!

Negatives. :arrow_down:

  • None!

This story is amazing, I already added to my favorites, I’m so ready to read the next chapters! It’s so good and interesting! This is obviously a…


You are a wonderful person for doing this!
Title: Opposite in Harmony
Description: Aimie ran away from home and met the lord of all demons on Earth. And that 's when she has to ask herself all these questions: Are all demons bad? Are all angels good? Can you judge a book by its cover? Is she going to fall for him? Is he going to fall for her knowing that she’s the princess of all angels?
Chapters: Currently have 10 chapters.
Style: Limelight
Author: Pheebnomenal

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Wow! I was not expecting this :sob: but ahhh this makes me so happy!!! Thank you so much for the feedback and the motivation :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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No problem! Enjoy your day! :slight_smile:

From Ellie. :slight_smile:

Hi @mystique_writer ! It was awesome to read your story! I love the style you’re going for and the queen’s story as another person. I hope that made sense. :joy:

Positives. :arrow_down:

  • Directing is pretty great, really impressive! It’s better than mine! :sweat_smile::yum:
  • Characters are well-developed, I love their sense of humor and relationships between other people.
  • Diversity is awesome, reminds me of a movie!:ok_hand:t2:
  • Grammar, puncutation, spelling is great! I can see that you previewed it a lot. :wink:

Negatives. :arrow_down:

  • This is kinda of a suggestion, but also a negative. You should add music into it for the first chapter? Like, to set the “mood.” Just a suggestion, your decision! :slight_smile:

This story was fabulous and well-writen! It has a feeling that makes me want to continue reading, sadly I have school. :joy: I hope you enjoy your day! I would rate it a…

5/5. :heart:

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Hey @EllieThatWriter :slight_smile:
I have to say I’m always a little bit nervous to get a review, but I think it’s important to know what readers think while they’re reading my story. I had around 3-4 people checking my grammar, but I think it doesn’t hurt if you could do an overall review. Just if you have the time to do it :slight_smile:

My Story:
Author: May Laugh
Title: Trouble Twins
Instagram: maylaugh_episode
Genre: Romance (and a little comedy, too.)
Style: Ink
Chapters: 3 (4 coming soon)
Danger. Passion. Love.
The Laugh-Twins are the complete opposites of what you would call normal. Just let yourself be taken to the world of May and Julien - the Trouble Twins.
Link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/5334870588784640


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This is my story :blush:

Name: Coincidence or Destiny


Aurora loved her life, but during the summer she met a boy and her life starts to change completely

The meeting was coincidence or destiny?

Chapters: 12

Genre: Drama

Style: Ink

Instagram: kateb_episode



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Could I please have a review?

Cover of the Story:

Name of the Story:

Story Info: Kendall’s dad decides to move her and her brothers to Hawaii. She soon discovers she has the key to a world beyond her imagination…and secrets about who her mother really is…

Social Media (If you wish to add it.): @anonymousauthor1 (instagram)

Chapters you currently have: 9

Style(Ink,Limelight,Classic): limelight

Author of the story: Anonymous Author

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Of course! I’ll make sure to read it! I have a long list, but I’ll get to you as soon as possible! :joy::yum:

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Wow, it looks beautiful! Definitely adding this to my list! Can’t wait to read it! :slight_smile:

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thank you so much!

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