Looking for a proof reader!


Can some one proof read my first three episodes and fix any mistakes or errors I have made and I will shout you out in all three!


Do you mean proof reading on the app? Or just proof reading in the edit section??


just to read through and edit mistakes in the script and to make sure I have got all the coding right


Oh okay, sure, I would love to help.
If you could share the link of your story with me through PM.
I will look at it right away.


I just looked through my story. I’m good right now, but if i need anything I’ll come to you x


Okay, nice.
Don’t hesitate to come to me, I will help you anytime.


Actually I do have one thing I forgot :joy: do you know how to use the female selfie overlay. I’ve been struggling and I need help


To add on overlay to your script you first choose a background, and type the words “with” #the overlay you want.

To specifically add the selfie overlay you would do…



I’ve done that, but the zooms have gone crazy on the app


And I’m not sure why because I haven’t uses zooms in the story recently


Someone I know had the same problem. This is what you need to do.

Zoom out- you’ll find the overlay. You need to scale it down and shift it. Overlays for some reason don’t show up normally on certain backgrounds
(I believe it has something to do with the size of the background).
After you shift and scale the overlay you’ll need to add those coordinates to the background line.


ohhhh okay thank you :heart:


Hope it works!