Looking for a proof reader :)


I have been writing a new story for the Fantastical contest, and since Episode didn’t approve some of my backgrounds I couldn’t participate (Yup! I missed the deadline… )
So, now that I’m not in a rush to publish it, I would appreciate if someone could volunteer to proof read my story. I’m very proud of the results I’m obtaining, and I’m trying really hard directing it as good as I can!
So, since I am from Spain, and English is my second language, I would hate that spelling and grammar mistakes will just make my story bad.
Any volunteers are welcome :blush:
In my story there is a lot of Greek Mythology, and the main character (customizable, even though the cover has the original one) is hit by Zeus’ thunder, who has passed his powers to her. The Olympus is basically falling apart, with Hades ruling it. And you’ve got a role in all that mess… And… that’s all I’m going to say for now.
If you’d like to proof read my story PM me first :blush:
Thanks ahead!


I’ll read it!


I’ll read it xoxo