Looking for a proofreader and betareader!

Hi, everyone! :blush:
I’ve finished writing the first 4 episodes of my new story and before going any further I’d like to get some feedback. :shushing_face:
First of all I’m looking for a proofreader because English is not my first language.
And also, I’m looking for some beta readers to tell me what I should change or if you have other ideas etc.

Thank you in advance, here is the title and the resume.

Title: The Broken Ones.
Resume: Three sisters. One stalker. A red camellia and a weird letter. What will happen next? Can you solve it?
Genre: mistery, drama.

Thank you :green_heart:

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Do you have instagram? I can text you from there

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I can proof read for you, if you’d like!:heartpulse:
English is my first language.


Yes, @HopeFrvrM
Thank you :slight_smile:

hey, do you still need help??