Looking for a proofreader with good English to proofread a 3 chapters short story :D

Hey there! I’m looking for someone who can proofread my short story and tell me if you see any english mistakes, it’s published and everything so android users can do it as well haha^^ Dm me here/Instagram : shahar.episode :smiley:


I’m rather decent with english, would you like me to try?

Oh sure ^^

Hiya, I’m happy to help if it’s still needed. Add me on Insta to discuss more! x :blush:

IGH leigh.episode


I would love to help you. English is my first language, and I am good at coding as well. Follow me on instagram and we can chat. @laurrstories


I speak fluent English (its my first language!) I would love to help!

can you prooofread one episode for me?

can you prooofread one episode for me too plz?