Looking for a proofreader :)

I’m from Czech Republic and sometimes I’m not very sure if I wrote something correctly. I’m looking for a proofreader who would like to cooperate with me and reported me all grammar mistakes and also when you find some directing errors. I can offer you a shoutout on instagram and I can also mention you in my story as a thanks.
It would really help me and my story to improve. :heart:
Please, contact me on instagram: @czgirl.episode if you are interested. :hugs:
Story link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/6230923233984512


Hey! I’d love to proofread for you! I can’t get on my Instagram at the moment. Since I am not at home. I will talk to you and proofread your story in 3 ish hours!

Thank you!
Can’t wait for our cooperation. :relaxed:

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I will start now!

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Sorry forgot to come back in here! Everything looks good! I will send you s screenshot which I took with a mistake. Otherwise it was really good!

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