Looking for a proofreader ♡

Hi there!

I’m currently revamping my story; it was my entry for the December contest Star Power, and I know it was a bit rushed (it’s also my first story) :see_no_evil: My stronger suit is directing, as English is not my first language, and tent to overlook the writing part :sweat_smile: That being said, I wrote all the narration and speech bubbles in google docs-- and if anyone would be available to go over them, and maybe proofread future episodes-- I would really appreciate it!

Thank you in advance :blue_heart:

Hey I would be happy to proofread it for you if you want, just PM me the links. I’m terrible at directing at the moment, but I can help you with this :blush:.

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Thank you do much! I’ll send you a private message :heart:

Okay :hibiscus:.

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