Looking for a romance storyliner please! (Credit given in every episode)

Hello all!
I’m Maisie and I’m looking for someone who would be willing to write a storyline for me to code.
I will give credit in every episode.
I would like the story to be a romance and I will work with the other person to get a rough idea, then I can leave it to you. (I will contribute ideas).
Please reply down here and PM if you are interested.

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Can you give me a little gist about the story so I help

I don’t actually have a storyline or even an idea. I was hoping someone could help me with that as well!

is there any sub genres that you want to incorporate?

Like friendship, fantasy…

i will help :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I’d love to write a storyline for/with you!

This story is based on split personality disorder. its my favorite pakistani drama named Ishq Zahe Naseeb … i tried to write to but couldn’t because of the coding system it very confusing for me.
if need any reference u can ask me or just google it
There will be some flashback scenes.


A boy sceaming out for his parents to help him remove from a confined space.

“mom!!! … dad!!! … plz help

The story is initially introduced as two separate stories.
A poor and happy girl named Grace, who is in love with a boy named Kevin, hiding thier relationships from their respective families.
A young and successful businessman named Samuel walks past and ignores his step mother Sara who is always irritated with the servents
sitting for breakfast

" what the hell have u served, is this a plate of food or trash …u are fired"

Grace and Kevin go out for some quality time where they were noticed by a man named James(belongs to a middle class who is a family friend with Grace and is in love with her) and his friends who tease James and follow them.
On their way back Grace and Kevin stumble upon a sorceress hut, Grace goes in for palm reading after fussing with Kevin who didnt want to go.
the sorceress tell her

" What happens to you will happen to him … the first to come will be the first to go, when he goes then the other will come".

while giving money to her they notice james and his friends following them and run away hiding from him.
A man named Sean(grace’s brother) is introduced in a poor home talking to on his cell to James informing sean that he and his family are coming over after some days for dinner to which he agrees.
late in car grace and kevin discuss about the sorceress to kevin says
“there is no such thing as knowing the future and please stop reading your daily horrorscopes”
grace "

*why? *. do u know 90% of the time everything happens same as its written in my horrorscope"


“right … should i say 90% of the time its always wrong and it would be right by 10% because all our lives are the same by that 10% .”


"its always right "

kevin *

“if u say so”

later kevin drops her to her home
grace enters her home where her parents and her sister are waiting for her and greets them.
her sister Betty is about to get married in a month with her boyfriend Kile and works for the family along with her brother.
later in their room grace askes betty as to why she is so sad to which betty replies

“nothng … kile has ordered me to resign from my job … im not worried about the job after some time i will succeed in convincing him for my career … im worried for our family … our dad is sick his treatment is ongoing … all our bills and the loan his has taken from james dad who wont even take a moment to ask for the payment … and on top of it sean salary is not enough for our family to survive . … i dont know what should i do … and you are still very young so u just focus on your studies so that atleast u can stand on your own feet.”

later when james reaches his home he askes for money from his mother to which she replies she doesnt have for the moment and also askes her to come with him to graces house with her proporsal for marriage to which she says

" ill talk to them after bettys wedding as they dont have money for another ceremony … and top of these things they take taken loan on interest from your father. but i also assure u you will marry her."

later at kevins house sitting on in his living room playing with his elder sister and 2 younger sister and leaves for his room and keeps texting grace and they share a moment

samuel is enters his company where everyone greets him on his way to his office
where two employees gossip about him being rude for not greeting back and about his fiancees death

"6 months ago sir was about to get married to the women he loves named Zoe … unfortunately she committed suicide … but some say he murdered her. "

samuel sits on his chair
flashback its shown that zoe brings him aloe vera plant saying

“everybody gives flowers … but i thought i should bring this, it suits your personality”

when samuel smiles zoe askes him to keep smiling as he looks handsome when he smiles and become friends.
samuel sitting on his chair
remembers another women in black dress and red glossy lipstick sitting on an armchair
then samuel remember another flashback in car back seat where zoe requests him to take her for dinner to which he denies as he has some work and also his mother is not well to which she replies

“so this means that what i heard about you was true”

he askes her as to what has he heard about him to which she replies

" that you do not go out in the evening nor do you meet anyone"

yet she argues and convinces him to go out for dinner and spent some quality time together

later he reaches his home and goes in his room where he hallucinates the women in black waiting for him where she askes him

“will u have juice … you look tired … still worried about the same thing … she slipped and died … that sneaky coward … coward people should be dead”

he smiles at her lovingly