Looking For A Script Writer!

Hi everybody! We are Maxine & Aaron, two known writers with over 2 million readers & have been featured several times on the Episode app.

Me (@episodemaxine) & Aaron (@episodeaaron) are looking for (a) script writer(s) to create a new story with!

What this means is that me and him will handle directing, covers, backgrounds, etc. while you work on the story script itself! You must be good at storytelling for this position (and a fast writer too!).

We’re open to all new ideas (we have a few of our own too). We’re willing to do any style of genre.

If you’re interested, please contact us at our email: Loganmaverickepisode@gmail.com
You MUST have a Episode instagram account and at least one example of your work.

Thanks & having a lovely day! ~ :smile:

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I’d love to be a suggestion

hie, i have emailed you. and attached one of my work.

i hope you like it.